Divorce in or out of Court

Divorce in or out of Court provides options. Divorce is far different today than it was only a few years ago. Couples facing a divorce now have choices and can decide on their own path to settling a divorce – in court or an out-of-court approach.

It is easy to distinguish a divorce in-court from an out-of-court divorce. A divorce in court involves attorneys preparing for a trial in which a judge will make decisions for the family by evaluating the legal positions taken by attorneys. An out of court divorce does not involve preparing for a trial, judges, positional attorneys and does not require that decisions be made based on the application of laws. What do these distinctions mean for a person getting divorced? 

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Cleland Collaborative Divorce can take people through the options, the benefits and detriments of both paths and help them to identify the best approach for their circumstances.  

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