DIY Divorce

What is DIY Divorce?

DIY Divorce essentially means obtaining divorce without any help. Legally speaking, do it yourself divorce is called "Pro se," which is Latin for "on one's own behalf." This is also called the “kitchen table” approach. Both spouses make all agreements and complete all legal documents for their divorce without the assistance of counsel. This approach requires a couple able to work together collaboratively without assistance.

Is DIY Divorce Right for Me?

If you can communicate and collaborate with your spouse despite the divorce (and you like to save a lot of money) the answer is yes. But embarking on a do-it-yourself divorce is not without risk. As they say, you don't know what you don't know. Many couples need assistance with identifying issues they must resolve to properly divorce, or need help developing options to reach agreements once they identify the issues to resolve. Once the couple identify the issues and reach agreements, the couple will still be faced with navigating through a court system that is not consumer friendly.

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If you have specific questions about DIY divorce, we welcome you to contact Cleland Collaborative Divorce. How you approach your divorce will have a great effect on your life, it is our mission to help you educate yourself on all your options. 

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