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Divorce is far different today than it was only a few years ago. For many years people had one option to get a divorce – go it alone or hire dueling attorneys.  We now understand the benefits and limitations of these approaches.  Today people have other options to get a divorce, including mediation and collaborative practice.  In addition, rules surrounding the use of attorneys in divorce have changed, allowing people to obtain legal assistance without the high costs and loss of control over their divorce. 

It is now more important than ever that people facing a divorce get advice from someone who can explain all of their options, the benefits and determents of each approach and help them to identify the best options for their circumstances.  We strive to be our community’s trusted educational resource for divorce. That’s why we offer people a free one-hour consultation.

We are happy to speak with you about our approach, discuss your options, and help you decide what's best for you and your family.

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