Time, Money and Closure

Every marriage and family is different, but in my experience, people who are involved in divorce should have three core concerns: time, money and closure. 

Which divorce process is best suited to handle these concerns?

It isn’t divorce court. Divorce court is the most expensive and lengthy process. This method typically ends with animosity that lingers well after it concludes. Why?  The attorneys don’t see it as their job to help find a resolution.  Rather, the attorneys see it as their role to take adversarial positions and be in control over all communications and negotiations.  This creates conflict that the court resolves through costly and time consuming hearings.  The result is a slow moving, expensive and stressful process. 

When the court case ends, stress and conflict takes an emotional toll on people. Often disputes over issues like support and parenting time continue after the divorce is final, keeping the conflict alive.  All of this makes closure elusive and the transition into a peaceful post-divorce life difficult.   

Collaborative practice is a better option.  In collaborative divorce each spouse has an attorney whose mission is to find a mutually acceptable resolution to their divorce without going to court.  The attorneys don’t take over the process, allowing the clients to communicate during the divorce.  The result is a faster, less expensive divorce that allows people to transition into the peaceful life they deserve.   

Like collaborative divorce, mediation also avoids court and focuses on helping people to find a mutually acceptable resolution to their divorce.  Mediation is usually the least expensive and fastest way for people to achieve a divorce.  This is due in part to the fact that attorneys often are not involved or play only a limited role in the mediation.    

Will collaborative practice or mediation be better for you? Each person’s situation is unique and therefore no one method is best under all circumstances.  It is important that people get good advice about the method that will work best for them.  We are happy to help our clients make this decision. That’s why we offer people a free one hour consultation.  No matter which process our clients choose, our goal is always to provide our clients a divorce with the least amount of time, cost, conflict, and stress possible and send you into your post-divorce life with closure and peace. 

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