Getting Honest and Good Advice About Divorce - For Free!

I get two types of questions about my services. First, I am often asked by people if I handle contentious divorces. Of course I do.  I am an attorney who represents people in court all the time.  I just don’t encourage people to take a combative approach to an in-court divorce.  It’s the approach to be used when there is no other option. Why? Because the costs are much higher, the process is much harder on clients and families and the outcomes are not as good when compared to out-of-court divorce options.  I want to help my clients to achieve the best divorce possible, and that begins with providing the best advice possible. 

Imagine if a doctor promoted the use of a dangerous medicine when there were other more effective and safer medicines available.   You wouldn’t think highly of that doctor’s advice.  If the doctor was promoting the dangerous medicine because it was more profitable for him to do so you probably wouldn’t think highly of the doctor.  The analogy applies to lawyers and divorce as well.  It is the ethical obligation of a good attorney to promote what is best for their clients, not what makes the attorney more money.  This view isn’t shared by all attorneys, so be careful about who you get your advice from when it comes to divorce.

The second question I get is whether my out-of-court divorce services will work when there is a lot of acrimony in the divorce.  The answer once again is yes.  You don’t need to have your divorce controlled by attorneys and courts just because it is contentious.  When I get this question I usually ask a question in return: can the couple getting divorced sit in the same room for an hour with a person who can educate them about their options on how to handle their divorce – at no charge?  If they can take this first simple step, they will learn how the divorce system works, what options they have to get divorced, how they can save a ton of money, and ways that they can minimize the harm to their children.  In my experience, those who can commit to this one hour meeting will say yes to out-of-court divorce options.  But even if they don’t, the knowledge they gain will help them through the divorce. They have nothing to lose.

Cleland Collaborative Solutions offers people a free one hour consultation that gives people the information they need to make a smart decision about divorce.  But no matter what option you choose, Cleland Collaborative Solutions can help you.     

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