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Your financial life is comprised of a series of decisions made over a long period of time. Divorce will undo all of that work and require you to make those same decisions in a matter of months. This is a task that is difficult even for the most financially savvy. Often it induces anxiety that makes it difficult for people to resolve a divorce.

To reduce this anxiety and help clients navigate these complex issues during divorce, we utilize Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (“CDFAs”) to help our clients make informed decisions. CDFAs use their knowledge of tax law, asset distribution, and short- and long-term financial planning in the specific context of divorce to help clients make informed decisions about their futures.

The peace of mind from having a CDFA assist you with restructuring your financial life cannot be overstated, and helps clients to resolve divorces faster and with better results.

Mental Health Professionals Who Specialize in Divorce and in Children of Divorce

Research has established that, after basic financial needs are met, the greatest risk to children of many serious and ongoing problems is prolonged conflict between their parents. Even divorcing parents with grown children have a lifetime of family holidays, grandchildren and special occasions to protect against the tarnish caused by ongoing and unresolved conflict between the parents.

Divorcing parents can take steps that will significantly reduce and resolve conflicts in order to protect their children and families from the damage caused by ongoing conflict. These steps require communication and collaboration, which can be hard to do in the face of the emotional turmoil caused by divorce. That is why we offer our clients a network of qualified mental health divorce specialists that assist people to manage their emotions during divorce and become effective communicators, providing our clients and their families an opportunity to make a healthier transition to a post-divorce family.

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