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Divorce Without Courts

Divorce Without Courts One of the primary missions of Cleland Collaborative Divorce is to help you resolve your divorce in Michigan without going to court, through mediation and collaborative practice. Learn more about the benefits of these approaches. Read More


Mediation What is Meditation? In Michigan divorce mediation, a neutral mediator helps to educate and guide couples through all the necessary decisions to complete a divorce. The mediator also assists the couple by providing educational and professional resourc… Read More

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce What is Collaborative Practice? Collaborative practice provides both spouses with attorneys who agree to work cooperatively and constructively to find a mutually acceptable divorce agreement. Like divorce mediation, it utilizes specialists to help cl… Read More

Do It Yourself Divorce

Do It Yourself Divorce What is DYI Divorce? FYI divorce essentially means obtaining divorce without any help. Legally speaking, do it yourself divorce is called “Pro se,” which is Latin for “on one’s own behalf.” This is also called the “kit… Read More

Divorce in Court

Divorce in Court Although Cleland Collaborative Divorce sees divorce litigation as a last resort, it may be unavoidable. In these cases, our work centers on protecting your interests while preventing costly, unnecessary battles. Learn about how we help. Read More

What to Expect

Traditional Michigan divorce follows a “one size fits all” approach to resolve every sort of conflict. Divorces are resolved the same way as criminal cases and personal injury cases — which are competitive contests designed to find fault or gui… Read More

How We Help

Often one spouse is forced into divorce litigation because the other spouse is not willing to resolve the divorce by other means. Consequently, litigation is not a choice but a default option. For these people, the approach of the divorce attorney yo… Read More