Divorce on a Dime

Divorce has become increasingly unaffordable. Many people file for divorce on their own for this very reason. 

“Do-it-yourself divorce” is one way to save money and a great way to wind up feeling confused and stressed out. 

When I started Cleland Collaborative Solutions, I wanted to offer people a method to achieve a divorce that is affordable and provides people with the guidance they need to finish the process right.

We provide the budget conscious with two sorts of divorce services:

1.      The “do-it-yourself divorce.” We provide on demand assistance with preparing documents and providing legal guidance at a low hourly rate. You get to control the cost by choosing when and how to use us.  The end result has a much softer tap on your wallet than you would find if you were to hire an attorney to handle all aspects of the divorce process.  

2.      Mediation services.  My mediation services allow couples to customize a process to fit their budget. I guide you through the process, identifying the issues that need to be resolved and helping you find solutions, while providing you with the expertise that you need to do the job right.  Couples are free to proceed without attorneys or use attorneys on an as needed basis, which significantly limits cost. We can also provide our clients with an attorney to help couples file paperwork, and to assist with any needed court appearances at a low flat rate.  Compared to traditional court based divorce where both spouses hire an attorney, the cost is significantly lower.

No matter the process you choose, YOU remain in control over the cost, which allows you to stay on budget. 

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