How Many Attorneys Does it Take to Get a Divorce?

Do divorcing couples each need their own attorneys or can they share one attorney? The answer depends on what each spouse needs from an attorney.

Attorneys have two roles.  One is to be a guide or counselor for people.  Attorneys are trained to identify legal issues and identify options to navigate them, and help people navigate legal procedures and paperwork. The other role involves acting as an advocate for their clients. As advocates, lawyers speak and act for their clients and make sure their interests are being heard. 

In a divorce, everyone needs the guidance of an attorney. Divorce is full of laws, legal issues, procedures and forms that an attorney can steer people through.  But not everyone needs the advocacy of an attorney.  For couples facing a divorce, this ought to be the first question they ask themselves – do we need an advocate for ourselves or just the guidance?

For couples who only need legal guidance, sharing one attorney is an option - and a far less expensive option. Cleland Collaborative Solutions provides couples with one attorney guidance through its mediation services.  We expertly guide couples through the legal issues and paperwork associated with divorce while maintaining strict neutrality you would expect from an experienced mediator.  For those who need advocates, you can still keep the cost of divorce in check by choosing a collaborative divorce.   

If you have questions about what options are appropriate for you, call me for a free consultation.         

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