Empowering Our Clients

People going through a divorce feel like their entire life is being upturned. Every aspect of their family and finances has the potential to be altered. The anxiety of not knowing how you will make ends meet and transition into a post-divorce family can feel overwhelming. And, in a matter of months, you must reassemble a life that took years to create.

Since 98% of divorces settle by agreement, people need to be put into a position to make good decisions. Many people are simply overwhelmed, let the lawyers take over and just deal with the results they are dealt. The best decisions, however, are the ones we make for ourselves.

Our focus is on making you a good decision maker. We give you the confidence to make your own decisions about your future and your children’s future during your divorce. We do so by providing you with a network of specialists in financial and mental health fields who are there to help you make good decisions today about your post–divorce future.

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