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Divorce Via Mediation, Five Key Considerations – An Overview

Divorce via mediation maximizes communication, collaboration, thereby providing people with more control, reducing conflict and stress and a better adjustment to your post-divorce life. Read More
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Divorce Litigation and the Five Key Considerations – An Overview

Divorcing couples are immediately faced with a decision about how to proceed with the divorce process. It is important that they begin by consulting with divorce experts to help them determine what options are appropriate for their situation, includ… Read More
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Divorce Via Zoom

Understanding how Zoom affects the divorce process is important when facing a divorce. With mediation or collaborative practice, divorce by Zoom presents an opportunity to reduce the time, cost, & improve the process in terms of guidance & pa… Read More
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The Keys to a Better Divorce

Historically divorce is associated with high costs and a long and stressful process that can be difficult for everyone involved. Today people have options that make it possible for them to significantly reduce the cost, time and stress of divorce. Read More
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Preparing For Divorce - Part 2

It is a well-known fact that many divorces are initiated at the beginning of the New Year.  In Part 1, of my guide to preparing for divorce, I explained the initial four steps you might wish to consider as you prepare. In Part 2, the following link… Read More
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Preparing For Divorce

Anyone considering a divorce should PREPARE before starting the divorce process. Understanding the issues, options and alternatives available can significantly impact the outcome of any divorce. Read More
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One of the primary missions of Cleland Collaborative Divorce is to help you resolve your divorce in Michigan without going to court, through mediation and collaborative practice. Learn more about the benefits of these approaches.
Although Cleland Collaborative Divorce sees divorce litigation as a last resort, it may be unavoidable. In these cases, our work centers on protecting your interests while preventing costly, unnecessary battles. Learn about how we help.

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